It's 2017 and about time for a blog...

SO, yeah it's 2017 and I don't blog. Or wait, I should say, I don't blog, yet... When I first started birth photography my husband brought me home this beautiful brown leather journal and suggested I document all my birth experiences to help with the process and to remember the details. I was super committed and vigilant about it for about a month and then life as usual got in the way. Since then I have had some really tragic births and some really joyous ones. I am bummed I didn't keep it up. So I'm not gonna try to backtrack and remember or make up the details of the past, I am just going to try to be really proactive and put it all down here. Happy or sad. I need to remember. I need to document.

SO today is the day where it all begins. I am a birth photographer. I am a newborn photographer. I am a wedding photographer. I am also a good old family photographer here in sunny San Diego! I had a super awesome modern family today and they chose to shoot at Balboa Park. My kids and husband tagged along and did their own thing while I worked and then we had fun wandering around the park afterwards. Isn't San Diego just grand? Best place in the world. I have not edited any from the family photos yet but will soon share those. In the meantime here are just a couple from us.

First blog post... Chickedy-check!!!! Stay tuned...

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